This is my summer Friday to-list.

This is also the way I’m letting you know I’m going to be on the next THREE maxamoo podcasts. lindsaybarenz has assured me people will not get sick of me. So, apologies in advance if you do.

Also, look how awful my handwriting is.

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"Shakespeare in the City" rehearses Shylock’s heartbreaking "I am a Jew" speech, adding their own ancestral background to the cry for compassion and tolerance.

To follow Shakespeare in the City check this out

Maybe it’s the late hour or the whiskey but this is giving me a lot of emotions right now. I am in love with and so impressed with these kids!



William Shakespeare’s Timon Athens performed by the Los Angeles Drama Club / Shakespeare in the City. These are mostly underprivileged kids from an underfunded and underserved who have been given an opportunity to break out of their hard situations.

Check out LADC at

I was moved seeing these young children performing Shakespeare with such animation, enthusiasm, and skill.

Oh man look at these cuties

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He offered you parts in Cats? I thought you hated Cats. You said it was an all time low in a lifetime of theatre going. You said, “Aeschylus did not invent the theatre to have it end up a bunch of chorus kids in cat suits prancing around wondering which of them will go to kitty-cat heaven.”

John Guare, Six Degrees of Separation (via adam807)

This is actually the way I always refer to Cats.

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Carol Burnett, Martin Sheen, Alan Alda, and More Will Return to Broadway in A.R. Gurney's Love Letters ›

GUYS look at this awesome rotating cast list:

Brian Dennehy and Mia Farrow (September 13-October 10)
Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy (October 11-November 7)
Alan Alda and Candice Bergen (November 8-December 5)
Stacy Keach and Diana Rigg (December 6-January 9)
Anjelica Huston and Martin Sheen (January 10-February 1)

thatssojake asked: What are your thoughts on Reviews (of theatre) ?

Usually I don’t read them until after I’ve seen a show, but with social media/social snark sometimes it’s hard to avoid hearing the buzz.

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Donkey Punchin’ with barbotrobot

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James Corden, backstage before his first entrance for One Man, Two Guv’nors, Adelphi Theatre, 2011.

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bravebattalion asked: Do you know of any filmed or even made-for-tv-movie versions of "The Deviners"?

Do you mean the play The Diviners? (Maybe there’s a play about de-vining, I don’t know.) I don’t believe so.

As for the book The Diviners, I think there’s a movie in the works there.

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Puppets n pie for date night. Thanks for the tix levianity!

Ummmm excuse me?

Can i see this now?

Hey! If you want to see this, go to and use the code TRGA001 :-) or talk to me!

Oh ho ho, look at that ticket code for y’all.


an amazingly astute and hilarious observation of the old woman behind me during Puppet Titus Andronicus tonight.

It was fun y’all. I recommend it. It’s a talented bunch onstage.

Puppets n pie for date night. Thanks for the tix levianity!

Anyway, if you need your heroes to be perfect, you won’t have very many. Even Superman had his Kryptonite. I’d rather have my heroes be more like me: trying to do the right thing, sometimes messing up. Making mistakes. Saying you’re sorry. And forgiving other people when they mess up, too.

Madeleine George The Difference Between You And Me (via sempiternale)

The Great Playwrights Ranked By Cause of Death

18. Tennessee Williams – Tried to open eye drop bottle with teeth, choked on cap.

17. Joe Orton – Bludgeoned to death by partner during domestic dispute.

16. Jean-Paul Sartre – Infected papercut.

15. Arthur Miller – Frowned for too long, too deep.

14. Noël Coward – Appeared in public without an ascot.

13. Samuel Beckett – Looked back, became pillar of salt.

12. T. S. Eliot – Shrinking sickness.

11. Oscar Wilde – Smothered by rain of flower petals.

10. Bertolt Brecht – Just vanished into the darkness one day. Just poof – gone.

9. Molière – Giants.

8. Lillian Hellman – Executed by Nazis, replaced with robot duplicate.

7. Eugene O’Neill – Gunned down in bank heist.

6. Anton Chekov – Failed to fire gun at right time.

5. Henrik Ibsen – Carried away by large, monstrous swan after visiting aunt.

4. Euripides – Dramatic Irony.

3. Christopher Marlowe – Syphilis from visiting time travelers.

2. Graham Greene – His old nemesis, The Red Spider Of Stalingrad.

1. William Shakespeare – Ran afoul of the Fairy Queen, cursed with a mortal life.


Remembered this morning that my high school senior superlative was “most likely to have a cult following.” I think I nailed it.